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Paper Straws

There is a renewed effort all over the world to do something about the environment. Paper straws are part of the change we wish to see, even if they seem like a small thing to many out there. It is an eco-friendly alternative that major restaurants and other food and beverage outlets find to be better than the plastic ones.

The rate at which plastic straws are being used in the world has become a problem. The fact that they are not biodegradable means they will play a part in the devastation that plastics present to nature. It thus makes sense for you to think of using paper straws.

Paper straws have bright some much-needed improvements to the environment, which warrants a deeper look into this situation. As more and more countries are beginning to ban the use of plastics, you need to make sure your company is not left behind. There are those who look at plastic straws as not being that big of a threat to the environment. But this should not stop you from eliminating the use of plastic. Paper straws are there to occupy that space in a more sustainable manner.

Paper straws are, to begin with biodegradable. When plastic straws have been used and discarded; they tend to find their way into landfills and the ocean. Plastic will then take the longest time to decompose, while impacting the environment in negative ways. Paper straws are luckily biodegradable and compostable. Even if they end up in the ocean, they will not last that long there.

You will notice that paper straws decompose much faster. We have seen that plastic takes a long time to decompose, more than 200 years. Paper straws need only six weeks to decompose.

Using paper straws means there will be less dependency on plastic straws. The manner in which we use plastic straws is scary. We need to know that there are other options, which help us stop this trend. But if they become aware of the effects of plastic, and the presence of paper straws, that trend would change.

You will also find paper straws o be affordable. After learning of the effects of plastic straws, more and more people are beginning to see the need to buy paper straws. The demand has led to an increase in the costs, but not an increase that makes them too expensive. You will manage to go afford and access them when you make bulk orders. Your business will therefore not run out of this better option. You can click on this link to place your order.

Paper straws will also not harm wildlife. Since they break down fast, they will not cause any harm. When ingested, they will not harm the animals the same way microplastics do.

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